Our submission schedule for December 2018 is as follows:

  • All day sheets that be receive from you before midnight on December 7th will be entered in AHW’s last submission on Dec 13th, which will be deposited on Dec 21st.  

  • Day sheets that we receive after Dec 7th will be be be sent to AHW by the 20th of Dec, but will not be deposited in to your account until Jan 4th, which is when regular weekly deposits will commence.

  • There will be no deposit in your bank account on Dec 28th.

November 2018 Changes to the SOMB

Have you sent us your fiscal year end date?

  • As part of the service that we provide, we happily send you year end reports at your fiscal year end.  Just let us know when your year end is and we will ensure that your tax time is a little easier.




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